Welcome to the Center for Public Safety Excellence!

Corporate Profile

The Center for Public Safety Excellence, Inc. (CPSE) helps public safety agencies around the world streamline and improve the services they provide their communities. Learn more! CPSE accredits fire and emergency service agencies and credentials fire and emergency service officers at all levels. CPSE supports and assists emergency services agencies seeking to conform to CPSE performance and competency measures through its Technical Advisor Program.

CPSE offers workshops, webinars and conferences designed specifically for fire and emergency service agencies and geared to aid emergency personnel in their quest for continuous quality improvement based upon the accreditation and credentialing models. Learn more!


Notable Accomplishments

CPSE provides the only accreditation program for fire service organizations in the world, and offers nationally-recognized designations for fire and emergency services officers. CPSE has 200 accredited agencies and over1700 designated officers in eleven sovereign nations worldwide.

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